IMBA 發展基金

政大IMBA創立於2001年,為全臺唯一榮獲三大國際認證 PIM、AACSB、EQUIS之全英語授課的管理碩士學程,展現四大特色「姐妹校、雙聯學位、豐富師資以及國際體驗」,有超過40國140所姊妹校,每年提供200個交換名額,更與歐美9所頂尖名校合作,每年提供18個雙聯學位名額,只需2年即可取得政大及德國、法國、荷蘭或美國的雙碩士學位。IMBA 從業界邀請了全球知名企業之高階經理人,傳授征戰商場的實務經驗與產業界人脈網絡,並禮聘國際名校師資,和歐美名校 MBA 接軌,加上政大商學院的頂尖師資團隊,確保一流教學品質。


政大 IMBA 深耕台灣商管教育數十載,致力將國際人才帶入台灣,也引領台灣人才邁向國際,讓每一位 IMBA 菁英都能發揮關鍵影響力,攜手共創不凡志業。 


政大IMBA [發展基金]用途將致力於: 

  1. 禮聘一流師資前來任教
  2. 吸引優秀學生前來就讀
  3. 獎助學生參加國際會議或學術活動
  4. 支持學程或校友會舉辦之各項活動
  5. 不指定用途(由學程統籌運用)





The International MBA program always aims to cultivate business leaders and experts of the future. Since its inception, IMBA has been through different changes, each time making sure that our program is at par with the fast-changing world. We have made it to always make our program top-notch and our education world-class. The IMBA program sincerely appreciates the continued support of donors. 


To date, donations to the program are coursed through the following endeavors:

  • Scholarship Program. We believe that the success of the program also relies on its diverse student background. With more opportunities to offer scholarships, we can ensure that our student body will be made of the best and brightest individuals, coming from a wide array of professional backgrounds. 
  • Extra-curricular Activities. We encourage our students to participate in international competitions around the world. We have students compete and won in the world-renowned Hult Prize. We also encourage them to join business case competitions, innovation labs, hackathons. By bringing the name of the school and the program in the world stage, we support them in return.
  • Student Activities. The program also believes that a good learning and social environment would benefit our future leaders. That is why we also support student activities such as student council-led endeavors, networking events, and community outreach programs.

We thank you for your support.